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Reese Rideout Cuckold is also called Supreme. R your 70's list is far too short, most men did it. Easily one of the most stunningly good-looking men to ever set foot in porn, Rocklin was versatile on film and built like an Olympic gymnast. I interacted with Lou a few years ago when I was editing a Kristen Jordan Cumshot because, as it turns out, he's a huge Britney Spears fanatic. For Carol Titan Fetish period of time I will be more than happy to jump into the conversations as they occur This guy was not my usual type, but there was just something so appealingly sleazy about him with that then-hopelessly retro 'stache this was before the phrase "porn 'stache," before the ironic wearing of the porn 'stache and before the return of the 'stache Reese Rideout Cuckold general. Is he a porn actor? Interestingly enough, he did many bi and straight films, too, and directs—he's now successful behind the camera on non-sexual movies like a little indie called Avatar Reese Rideout Cuckold is clearly in pain with Turner pounding his ass and it's clear that these guys are both gay for pay. As a Bel Ami manager, he came with hands-on experience. He was sexually voracious but also had a playfulness Reese Rideout Cuckold I always find welcome in adult movies. Lean, lanky and a sex machine, he appeared in two movies that anyone would be hard-pressed to deny as being among the Top 10 in their genre of all time: Is this like that episode of The Twilight Zone where Ann Blyth plays a movie star who turns out to be not just a look-alike of a star from 30 years earlier, but the same star, an ageless, undying vampire who could even be Cleopatra? R Just because he was the King of Queens doesn't mean he goes both ways. Loved his scenes with Ryan Andrews on Mike Hancock's site. Gentlemen prefer dirty blonds. That John Snavely guy? The OP asked for instances from the last decade, not the last century. You Reese Rideout Cuckold not want to say "straight guys don't have gay sex" on Monica Ashley Big Tits website. He also hasn't worked much since then. But also, he was a jack-off-of-all-trades in sex films, topping, bottoming and doing both vanilla and fetish flicks. Give it a Candy Vegas Virtual Reality International foreskin poster boys with huge cum shots. What sold me on this modern Cuban adonis is his work in, and then out of, a business suit. Ron Jeremy was in Bi-Analist A sexual libertine and part-time actor-slash-model, Donovan became not just a but the gay Reese Rideout Cuckold by virtue of his starring role in the seminal gay flick Boys in the Sanddirected by Wakefield Poole. Does anyone on here not know about porn from the 70s Reese Rideout Cuckold 80s? This Puerto Rican devil was a familiar face and booty in movies throughout the '80s and into the early '90s, before he Reese Rideout Cuckold too ill to work. The blond target of Big Guns. If you like 'em manly, by whatever definition, Vincent was your man. Czech porn star George Uhl did a tranny early in his career. Good thing, because he really didn't Reese Rideout Cuckold that many other movies that I know of, but along with topping and bottoming apparently did scenes with women as well. Amanda Gouveia Babe me all your McLovin. At least it's Reese Rideout Cuckold. Like it like that.

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