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Add trivia about this day here. Spirit of the Lynx. Classic cards, and cards from expansion sets, such as Mean Streets of Gadgetzanare obtained from opening their corresponding card packsas well as through crafting. However, transformations will not be reversed by returning a minion to its owner's hand or deck; the transformed minion is considered an entirely different card from what it was transformed from, and that is what is "returned" to the deck. Murloc Tidecaller. Whizbang the Wonderful and Zayle, Shadow Cloak are exceptions most rules applied to collectible cards. You are already obsolete.

  • The #1 community generated wiki resource for the collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone's eleventh expansion, featuring new collectible cards and the alternate priest hero Madame Lazul.

    Comprehensive Hearthstone wiki with articles covering everything from heroes and cards, to strategies, to tournaments, to competitive players.
    The League of E. This page was last edited on 14 Juneat Free Common Rare Epic Legendary. Weapons are special cards which can be equipped by heroes.

    Hero cards are cards which, upon being played, replace the controlling player's herogiving them a small amount of Armor the number of which is displayed on a gray shield icon, in the bottom right corner and replacing their Hero Power with a new, unique one, but retaining the player's current and maximum Health.

    Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Players can earn alternate card backs through fulfilling various criteria, such as winning 5 games in Ranked mode in a season of Ranked play, or completing certain quests.

    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki
    Ellibereth hearthstone wiki
    This guy gets crazy strong at family reunions.

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    Each minion has a mana cost value, shown in the top left corner of the card, which shows the amount of mana you must pay to summon the minion. Morrison MrClowny Chatthon Starshipjohn vazahapilou. After your opponent plays a minion, give it Reborn.

    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki

    Card text can appear on any card and can describe any number of abilities. High Priest Amet. Heroic Innkeeper.

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Wiki is a community site dedicated to the game Hearthstone.

    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki

    It features a database and in depth articles for cards, heroes. (stone) Ellibereth · ellibereth, - online tournaments with entry fees on our subreddit per the /r/hearthstone/wiki/calendar rules. Fun Fact: Beating Kolento wins Tournaments by Ellibereth in hearthstone. [–] abaporu. (Magic:_The_Gathering). Yes, the .
    Both collectible and uncollectible cards comprise the playable cards that can be used in games.

    Destroy all friendly minions. All minions are equal, but some minions are more equal than others. Minion cards can be recognized by their Attack a number displayed on a yellow sword, in the bottom left corner and Health a number displayed on a red blood drop, in the bottom right corner.

    GroSSo Crazyy Mitch. Battlecry: If your opponent has 4 or more minions, take control of one at random. Un33d Thefishou Lowelo Keuhn Charon.

    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki
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    Some keyword abilities worth mentioning are BattlecriesTauntsand Deathrattles.

    All minions are equal, but some minions are more equal than others.

    Hearthstone also expands the Warcraft universe a little, with further exploration of established themes, and some new additions of its own. Designed for use in a specific testing environment, these cards often feature outlandish powers, and are not available to players. If a minion causes a hero's health to reach zero, the hero is destroyed, ending the game and granting victory to the surviving hero.

    If a hero attacks a minion, both targets will take damage equal to the Attack of the other, but if a minion attacks a hero, only the hero will take damage; any weapon equipped by the hero will not be used, and so will also not lose Durability.

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    Ice Cream Peddler.

    Resurrection effect. This guy gets crazy strong at family reunions. Beginning on March 5th,Blizzard released a series of teaser videos for the 11th expansion.

    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki

    For each one, summon a random minion from your deck. Minions are controlled by the player who summoned them, and can be commanded to attack their opponent's minions, or the opposing herowhile minions with Taunt can act as tanks, preventing the opponent's forces from attacking the hero directly with melee attacks until that minion is destroyed.

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    images ellibereth hearthstone wiki
    Card backs are a Hearthstone feature which allows players to replace the standard design on the reverse of their cards with alternate designs.

    Hearthstone has also introduced numerous new character types, and titles for existing types. Join in Community portal Community discussion Admin noticeboard. Minions are a major element in battles between heroes, and are usually responsible for the majority of all damage dealt in a game. Card backs are purely decorative and do not affect gameplay in any way.