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Check stock Tell us where you are to check stock:. The thinner the chips, the more crunchy they will be and conversely, thicker chips will be softer inside. But if they have become loose it can be from dishwasher damage. Cut the chips thinner. Always clip the lid into place firmly but gently. Did you find this FAQ helpful? This new knowledge led us to understand the precise role oil plays in cooking and the exact parameters needed to get a crispy outside and a soft inside.

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    A web site ( or or other alternatives depending on the country) currently proposes promotions on TEFAL / T-FAL products. Never turn on the appliance if the cooking pan is empty.

    • Do not Turn the cooking pan upside down and unclip the removable paddle by.

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    Being a revolutionary deep fryer, the Actifry deep fryer allows you to prepare 1 kg of fresh French fries with only 1 spoonful of oil in its non-stick bowl thanks to its stirring paddle. Keep an eye on the cooking process thanks to the transparent Actifry lid. Buy the snacking grid.
    How much oil is recommended for use in the Actifry?

    Tefal® Talent Frying Pans

    The cooking pan is too full. Fit the paddle in place for every use. If putting the lid in the dishwasher, always place it near the top of the dishwasher the cooler area and use a cooler setting - refer to your dishwasher manual. Lid SS

    images fz7000 tefal pans
    How much oil is recommended for use in the Actifry?

    Yes, this is a genuinely multi-purpose appliance, which can be used to cook a wide range of foods. Filter SS In order to avoid this, we recommend that you use the top tray for cooking fish 2in1 model only. Our Products.


    Linen Care. Is the 2 in 1 Actifry plate compatible with previous models?

    Tefal brings you a selection of innovative cookware ranges, including induction cookware which has been designed to enhance your cookware experience.

    images fz7000 tefal pans

    For your every day cooking, Tefal provides a whole set of pots and pans that will suit all your needs. Thanks to Tefal constant and permanent innovation, you will. Buy Handle (with screws) for Tefal Actifry models FZxxx at Amazon UK. Brand new and genuine handle (with screws); Fits Tefal Family models FZ, FZ; Ships from.

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    Please give us your mail to initialize your password. Why do foods stay on the edge of the pan?

    images fz7000 tefal pans

    Snacking grid XA The lid and body should not be air tight. Frequent questions.

    images fz7000 tefal pans

    Personal Care Body Scales.

    images fz7000 tefal pans
    About Tefal.

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    If you are cooking frozen chips you do not need to add any oil as they already contain oil. Representative Home Care. Consumer Services. Why does food burn when cooked on the Actifry 2 in 1 cooking tray?