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Oncolytic effects of Parvovirus H-1 in medulloblastoma are associated with repression of master regulators of early neurogenesis. Pediatric virotherapy: Oncolytic parvoviruses for the treatment of malignant diseases occurring in childhood and adolescence. Nearly all colleagues are affected either by the troubles of moving or by annoyance due to noise and dust. Furthermore, innate and adaptive immune responses contribute to the anticancer activity of PV. Signing the contract is the starting signal for virologists on both sides of the Rhine. Our effort is to understand the underlying mechanism of this effect and put it to the clinical test.

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  • Curriculum Vitae Prof. Jean Rommelaere. Jean Rommelaere, PhD (*) Head of the Division Tumor Virology (F) Born October 15, in Brussels. Cancer Gene Therapy, 19, 9. Bhat, R.

    and Rommelaere, J. () NK cell-dependent killing of colon carcinoma cells is mediated by natural cytotoxicity. Dr. Dirk Jäger, Medical Oncology, NCT, Heidelberg; Dr. Sacha Gnjatic, Prof. Dr. Jean Rommelaere and Dr. Zachari Raykov, Tumor Virology, DKFZ, Heidelberg.
    Magazine: deutsches krebsforschungszentrum - German Cancer Research However, when everything is finished, we will be able to carry out science in modern high standard laboratories. Cancel Overwrite Save. After having finished the eastern part after 1.

    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet

    Resources Blog Product changes Videos Magazines. Due to the large extent of the necessary renovation measures it was first considered to pull down the whole main building and build a new one.

    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet
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    Share from cover. Close Flag as Inappropriate. Neuro-Oncology, 12, Pediatric virotherapy: Oncolytic parvoviruses for the treatment of malignant diseases occurring in childhood and adolescence.

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    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet

    Professor at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg. With “Cancer Research at DKFZ,” we would like to introduce the DKFZ ( Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum).

    Germany's Posttranscriptional Control of Gene Expression ______ Cellular Intranet” team. JEAN ROMMELAERE. French-German Alliance in Tumor Virology. by Heide Zerban-Michelfelder and Jean Rommelaere. French-German cooperation has a long. tradition at the DKFZ .
    After having finished the eastern part after 1. An important component of this cooperative agreement strives for an intensive personnel exchange of scientists, clinicians, PhD students, and technicians.

    Till Milde, Prof. Our department for technical services developed an ingenious concept for the move of the affected departments.

    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet

    You have already flagged this document. Stefan Pfister, Div.

    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet
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    Thus, pre-clinical and clinical research focuses on new therapeutic approaches, such as oncolytic virotherapy. Ina Oehme, Dr. Molecular Therapy, 17, Karsten Geletneky Alexandra Just.

    International Journal of Cancer, The program exploits experimental systems that have been developed in the Division so as to address issues directly related to clinical applications of PV.

    Current treatment options do not achieve a major improvement, and the prognosis for GBM patients still remains very poor.

    Mutations were found in a new gene, RSPH1, encoding a Eleanor's Year In Industry was at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany under Antonio Marchini, Serena Bonifati, Eleanor M. Scott, Assia L. Angelova and Jean Rommelaere () Student intranet Staff intranet. DNA-Chip Technology as a Tool for Gene Expression have been combined, shows Heidelberg and the Neckar river valley Dr.

    Jean Rommelaere intranet. To make available computer power that is shared by a large user group. Biennial Report - Biennial Report - International Agency for Research on CancerInternational Agen.
    The renovation measures will take quite a while. Parvovirus H-1 induces cytotxic effects on human neuroblastoma cells.

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    More magazines by this user. Stefan Pfister, Div. Furthermore the necessity of moving out the whole staff without having the needed premises at our disposal argued against this option. Preclinical studies on the therapeutic efficacy of parvovirus H-1 H-1PV to brain tumor-initiating cells Despite multi-modal treatment concepts including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy malignant brain tumors are characterized by an extremely bad prognosis.

    Geletneky, K.

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    images jean rommelaere dkfz intranet
    By doing so, they can inhibit tumor growth by directly causing the tumor cells to die or making them more receptive to various therapeutic treatments.

    Jean Rommelaere. Clinical Cancer Research, 15, Molecular Therapy, 17, In order to assess the efficacy of H-1PV to induce oncolysis in recurrent brain tumors we systematically address this question using a panel of high-grade glioma neurosphere cultures. Most of the departments from the eastern part of the main building have moved to those new premises in Technologiepark, and will stay there until they can move 2 back into the reconstructed western part in the end of