images mercedes wood trim

Your question will be posted in:. The service advicer looked at it and replaced that piece for me. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Find More Posts by ttab. After I had it for couple months. Received 30 Likes on 29 Posts. Your relplacement wood would have fallen in the serial range.

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    Wood trim problem Forums

    June 19, Mercedes W Coupe Burl Wood Trim Restoration, it takes me about. Restoration Services and O.E.M.

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    Replacement Wooden Dash and Trim Parts are dedicated to helping you get the wood trim in your Mercedes-Benz back to. Products 1 - 30 of Give your Mercedes's cabin a whole new look with a custom dash kit. Choose from wood grain, carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, even custom colors Top- names like Sherwood™, WOW Trim, and B&I are brought in to.
    I just bought my E with faded trims.

    Mercedes W Wood Trim Replacement iFixit Repair Guide

    My service advisor left me a voice message that they reported it to MB, and, "just to be safe", will replace every panel. Push each switch out of the hole in the trim.

    Find More Posts by BenzV Find More Posts by K-A. He said only way is change all the wood trim but mercedes won't let them do it!

    images mercedes wood trim
    So, now MBZ is focused on your serial when they should focus on the dates when your original wood was replaced???

    Additionally, he explained that they will replace all the pieces as replacing just faded ones will fix the issue temporarily since the other pieces still have inadequate UV protection and will fade sooner or later.

    Mercedes Benz Wood Trim

    Thread Tools. Mine doesn't look anything like that so hopefully I'm in the clear though I have dark tints and rarely have my car sitting in the sun.

    It would cost pretty penny to replace it on your own. Originally Posted by Pntblnk.

    Mercedes Wood Trims – W W SEC Restoration Zebrano Wood Package. WRHDAFTERRESTORATION1 WSHIFTERFRAMEBURL1. While new wood trim pieces are no longer available for the W chassis cars from Mercedes, good used wood is often fairly easy to find and there are some.

    Car's Wood Trim Faded in Hot Florida Sun NBC 6 South Florida

    Mercedes Benz SL R AC Panel Burlwood Wood Trim. Code: WK- Mercedes Benz R SL SL SL Burlwood Interior Door Trim. Code: WK.
    It all depends on the dealer I guess. I would print the service bulletin and take it in to the service manager and ask nicely that they replace every panel.

    The trim piece is simply held in by four pegs that pop in to the climate control unit behind the trim, there are no screws.

    images mercedes wood trim

    Then use an adhesive of your choice the one pictured here is not an endorsement to use it, it was simply a convenient and effective choice in this particular situation and put a bit on the wood trim, and the metal strip, and then attach the wood trim. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

    After all these years the glue is often quite weak and so the wood trim can be gently pried off with a screw diver, or sometimes simply by hand.

    images mercedes wood trim

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    images mercedes wood trim
    The bottom is held in place by two tabs - use care not to crack them by pulling the panel too far forward. Find More Posts by amaycg. He called me later in the day and said he thinks that the rear wood panels on my car are darker than the fronts.

    In fact, they said MB sent a complete kit. The only precaution is to be sure that you are prying from behind the entire trim piece, and not prying between the wood and the metal backing.

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