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Then something disturbing makes its appearance: a fat, oily, foody but not in a nice way! Features relating to Dzongkha. My nose does not require them to judge Dzongkha as one of the great vetivers on the market today. It's a very interesting fragrance, moody and evocative. I'm not a huge fan of lychee and probably wouldn't buy a bottle of this, but I'll definitely use the rest of my sample. Oh no, this one is a warm pile of rotting food waste.

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  • Dzongkha is a rapturous fragrance, inspired by the remote Buddhist Vetiver and green papyrus float through soft smoke with touches of peony, lychee and. What luck that most of Dzongkha suddenly departs my skin an hour in! I used to love .

    Muschio di Quercia / Oak Moss by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo —

    I have a 5ml sample and will enjoy this through the fall. I can foresee. spices kick it up, notably highlighted by nutmeg, giving it an almost gourmand quality, as the the tonka begins to peak through.

    None of them ideally evoke the dry, dusty, aged character of LAdDM though.

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    Surprisingly good! A reference Soul of Oud, by Ramon Monegal - one of the best warm oud centered fragrances around and there are a lot of them! I didn't get pepper or any sharpness in the opening, and the scent stayed fairly linear for it's duration. Dzongkha, Dzing! Lesson learnt for me: never get too emotional and attached to one scent, as the maker clearly doesn't even have the intention to let you.

    And this is definitely the case.

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    Add your review of Tabac You need to be logged in to add a review. My partner thinks it smells like Off!

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    Member images of Tabac There are no member images of Tabac yet. Surprisingly good! The tea, incense, and leather become oddly woody with an animalic accord. Later, it is the doughy Iris of a loved one's embrace. This is a gorgeous and distinctive composition.

    Through his olfactory itinerary, perfumer Alberto Morillas embarks on a journey of discovery, revealing the Camargue in all its glory – Aigues Mortes Dzongkha.

    Tabac La Via Del Profumo: As Tabac has As mentioned before – I forgot by who – La Via's perfumes has sort of a 3D-persona.

    Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur () —

    This is. Dzongkha. L'Artisan. Still recall the evening when I was walking through the hallway to my flat Ambre Sutan or Dzongkha or Casbah or any amber/incense offering.
    I do not like this rendition of cardamom - too synthetic.

    Bana Banana by L'Artisan Parfumeur () —

    Atman Xaman, by Lorenzo Villoresi - leather and spices. Bond No. Longevity is good for a natural perfume. Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

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    Stomach problems ka desi ilaj in hindi
    For me, Timbuktu is a deceptively simple smoky woods and incense fragrance, with all its magic and power tied up in its uncluttered nature.

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    However, I am not complaining. Bought a full bottle.

    SOTD Saturday, 10th August,

    Gambino78 Show all reviews. You can't even throw that tried-and-tested and true complaint about L'Artisan Parfumeur's fragrances - weak longevity - at the head of Dzongkha. Dzongkha tells a special story on every skin: that of Dzongkha itself, the spiritual language of Bhutan.